We are a traveling senior care clinic serving Anchorage. We provide care to our patients in their own homes, assisted livings, nursing homes, or wherever else our patient live.


Our Story

We started from an assisted living background and it was here where we realized that many of our residents had great difficulty getting to their primary care provider. Some of our dementia residents had difficulty getting into a vehicle, our bed-bound residents couldn't find reliable transportation, and our restless residents spent way too long in the waiting room to see their primary care provider. Even worse, many medical events would happen at night or on weekends when typical providers weren't available and families were greatly inconvenienced. Too often our residents would end up waiting in a slow-moving emergency room. We thought it would be a whole lot easier for our residents and for our families to have a provider come to them. Kro Clinic was established with all this in mind. We were created to provide a high-level of convenience and care for our patients.

“In a few years, the idea of receiving medical treatment exclusively at a doctor's office or hospital will seem quaint.”

— Harvard Business REview


Requesting Visits

To book a visit from the Kro Clinic please call 907-250-3005.